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For Non-Wine & Olive Members

If you are not a Wine & Olive Club Member you can simply navigate to the categories listed under 'Our Wines' and 'Our Olives'. These products are available for the public only and are sold at normal retail prices. Please note: You do not have to create an account if your are not a member, you can still add products to your cart and checkout as a guest.

Become a Member

Before you start shopping, simply navigate to the 'Wine & Olive Club' section and click on the Become a Member page.

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Complete the Registration Form

Complete all the fields listed in the form. Please remember to add your date of birth to receive coupons. All fields are required during registration so be sure to add the correct information.

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After successful registration you will be redirected to the Login for Members page. Simply add your Username and Password which you added during the Registration Process.

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Start you Order

After you have logged in to the site you will be redirected to the 'Our Wine' section, specifically for Wine & Olive Club Members. Each category listed under the 'Our Wines' & 'Our Olives' section are now marked with a Discounted Heading. This means that your registration was successful and you now qualify for a 10% Discount on Wines & 5% Discount on all Olive products.

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Add Products to your Cart

Open the products you wish to purchase and add it to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button.

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Shopping Cart

After you have added products to your cart you can navigate to the 'Shopping Cart' section and confirm your order.

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Billing & Shipping

Before you proceed, confirm your billing details. Includes the Bill To and Ship To fields. If you are a Member you simply need to input the details once and it will be stored, If you are not a member you need to complete these fields every time you place an order.

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Select the Zone in which your area is listed. If your area is not listed, please select the 'Grey Zone (5 - 7 Days)'. Registered members qualify for FREE SHIPPING on orders exceeding R1000. This option will only appear once your order meets the specified requirements. Please note that you have to select this option when it is visible.

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Payment Method

Once you have chosen your Shipping Method, you can proceed to payment. Select you payment option, includes an Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT), Tasting Room Purchase and Payfast (MasterCard and Visa, Instant EFT, Masterpass, Mobicred and Bitcoin).

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Confirm Order

Before you click on the 'Check out Now' button, please confirm the Terms of Service tick box. You will not be able to proceed if this option is not chosen.

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Do you still need Help?

Contact Kloovenburg Wine & Olive Club on +27 (0)22 4481 635 or email us directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, you can visit our Wine & Olive Estate on Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:30 Saturday 09:00 - 14:00 Open on public holidays. Closed on Christian holidays & Sundays.

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Wine & Olive Club Benefits

  • No annual membership or joining fees
  • 10% discount on all cellar door prices on all wines
  • 5% discount on all olive products.
  • Offerings of limited release wines to members only
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Free Shipping on orders exceeding R1000
  • 10 % discount if you stay at the Kloovenburg Pastorie guest house, bookings must go through Kloovenburg

Free Shipping

Registered members qualify for FREE SHIPPING on orders exceeding R1000