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The keepers of the gate

A falcon guards the day, an owl the night. Below them are depictions of other creatures and plants indigenous to this mountainside, which are in turn watched and protected by the conservation-minded Du Toits.

Kloovenburg, the “place in the ravine”.

Told by Pieter du Toit, current proprietor and farmer:

“In 1956, Kloovenburg was bought by my two grandfathers, Du Toit and De Kock. Grandfather Du Toit was a sheep farmer from the Karoo close to Petrusville and my grandfather De Kock was a businessman from Malmesbury and also acted as Mayor for a couple of years.

In 1957, my parents, Piet ‘Spiere’ and Barbara du Toit, moved to Kloovenburg and started to farm. It was a big challenge for both of them, as my father was a BComm graduate from Stellenbosch University, and my mother a teacher, so neither knew much about farming vineyards.

I matriculated from Swartland High School, did my two years’ military service and attended Stellenbosch University for two years before joining my father on the farm in 1987. We farmed together for two years before he retired.

In 1988, I married Annalene, who shares my philosophy: start small, work really hard and success will follow.

We are blessed with four boys: Pieter-Steph, Johan, Anton and Daniël, all who have helped me a lot in the cellar. Daniël has always been Annalene’s olive taster; if he likes it, everybody will love it. The children had always been involved in every aspect of Kloovenburg and that is how and why the brand Eight Feet was born.”