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Feedback on the 2016 harvest

2016 Was the driest year since 1904. The rainfall fluctuated between 836mm in 2013 and 599mm in 2014, more than 50% less than in 2014. In 2016 we had temperatures ranging between 38 and 45 degrees, and starting in December heat waves continuing for weeks. The situation was worsened by night temperatures not decreasing, causing the vines to be severely stressed. On average the harvest crops of dry land vineyards decreased by 50% and irrigated vineyards dropped to 20%. Harvesting started a week earlier than the previous year. We had 22mm rain at the end of January forcing us to wait for 10 days to allow the vines to absorb the water and to prevent dilution of the berries. Because of the grapes ripening simultaneously the second batch of Sauvignon Blanc and the Shiraz had to be picked on the same day. The dry conditions caused that the grapes were phenolic ripe earlier. This in turn resulted in low acidity levels, and smaller berries but with more concentrated flavours and colour.

Our first 100% Grenache noir and Carignan were released in April 2016. Although both varieties originate from Spain, they are mostly cultivated in Southern France. The Grenache noir is light in colour and shows aromas of cherries, pomegranate and dried herbs. The palate is medium bodied, shows good structure, fruit purity and bright acidity. The Carignan is violet-red in colour and shows aromas of red berries, fynbos and spice. The palate is medium bodied with juicy tannins and fresh acidity. Both wines are crafted from bush vines.

The Kloovenburg Eight Feet red blend received a labelling & packaging make over showing the four cultivars representative of the 4 sons: Shiraz, Grenache, Mouverdre and Carignan were used for the blend. The Eight Feet white blend consisting of Chenin Blanc/Grenache Blanc/Roussanne and Verdelho, will be released this coming December.  Future plantings will include Shiraz on different clones and more Grenache noir.

Table Grape Harvest 2016

Warm and dry conditions during the growing season resulted in smaller berry size and lighter bunch weights at harvest. Cooler temperatures in February resulted in certain red varieties not getting colour. Overall the quality of the grapes was good. As with the 2014/15, the 2016 season came early and finished early. Some vineyards have been affected by the heat but overall the dry and warm weather conditions were favourable for picking and packing. Our biggest export market is the EU, 80 % of our production. This year was quite a challenge for us because we had some new cultivars to work with: Midnight Beauty, Sable Seedless and Adora. We will be exporting Scarlotta, which is a seedless grape, for the first time.

Olive Season

After a low yielding harvest in 2015, we were pleased to see an increase in the 2016 harvest, although certainly nowhere near a record harvest. Normally the olive harvest arrives after the grape harvest. This year the whole production process coincided with olive and grape harvesting simultaneously. The draught impacted on the size of the olive, but luckily the quantity and quality improved.


  1. Swartland Independent Producers Wyn, Kos & Kultuurskou Saturday 2 April:
    Our Winemaker, Jolandie Fouche, showed off Kloovenburg’s first Grenache noir.
  2. Olive Festival 7 & 8 May: We had a very successful olive festival. The Sunday was a bit quieter than the previous year, probably because of Mother’s day coinciding with the festival. The upcoming band “Twee” entertained our guest and was a winner with the festival crowd.  The Olive walk & Olive press demonstration took place on both days, this event turned out to be a huge success.
  3. Montecasino Oyster Festival 10,11 & 12 June: A very successful and busy show. Our wines turned out to be quite a hit, especially the Kloovenburg 2014 Shiraz.  We will definitely attend this show again.

Upcoming Festivals

  1. Good Food & wine Show Johannesburg 29, 30 7 31 July 2016
  2. The Mercury Wine Week Durban 24, 25 & 26 August 2016

New Agents

KZN: VDP Distributors
Gauteng and Nelspruit: Great Wines
Eastern Cape: Le Barrique

Staff & Farm News

  1. Andre Conradie joined the Kloovenburg team, Andre will be managing the Olive department for us.
  2. Our staff, have once again done us proud – this year’s Kloovenburg worker of the year award went to Janneman and Katy Danster.
  3. Kloovenburg’s farm workers enjoyed a memorable day at the Stormers VS Cheetahs Rugby match at the Newlands Rugby Stadium on Saturday 8 May.

What to buy right now

  1. Kloovenburg 2013 Eight Feet, aromas of purple and red fruit with violets and spice makes this wine the perfect accompaniment to an Oxtail Stew or Springbok fillet.
  2. Cape Vintage Port, full bodied with big round tannins, a great winter warm up.
  3. Winter time in the Cape calls for a Waterblommetjie Potjie. With a palate of Banana, Lime & Citrus and a creamy textured finish, our Kloovenburg 2015 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay is the perfect match.
  4. Olive Chutney, deliciously served with roast meat, as a burger topping or as a sambal with a Cape Malay Bobotie.
  5. Spice up your potato wedges or winter veggies with our tasty Kloovenburg Chilli & Garlic Dipping Oil.
  6. Kloovenburg Body Butter, perfect to moisturise and smooth dry winter skin
  7. Dry lips, why not try our Kloovenburg Olive Oil Lipbalm with bees wax and coco butter.

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