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Are you looking for an exciting reason to come and enjoy the platteland this festive season? Head to Riebeek Kasteel, home to KLOOVENBURG WINE AND OLIVE ESTATE, less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town, just past Malmesbury.

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Winter is the perfect time for introspection, self assessment and pampering. It is the season to draw closer to the figurative hearth of our existence and to look within. Aside from these positives to winter, the season’s harsh winds and dry indoor temperatures can unfortunately also draw moisture from the skin, leaving the epidermis dry, cracked and scaly. Moisturising our skin should thus be at the top of our winter priority list.

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Our flagship wines are as famous as our broad rugby heritage and the wonderful achievement of the du Toit son’s. It is not always known where the name and the inspiration behind our wines stem from. Here, so you can share in the story with us, is a little more information.

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